NAFA Clean Air Awards

NAFA Clean Air Award Program



The purpose of the NAFA Clean Air Award is to recognize leadership and excellence in air filtration by selected air filter users, and to promote the National Air Filtration Association and its member companies. 


The Clean Air Award Forms are updated every April, following the Technical Seminar. You may use the current forms to submit a Clean Air Award nomination for the following year and will not be required to resubmit when new forms become available.

This award program has been instituted by NAFA in order to promote and recognize the use of high efficiency filtration products and good maintenance practices. It will be presented for an outstanding effort in maintaining a clean and healthy indoor work environment, while reducing overall operating costs.

NAFA hopes that by publicizing and recognizing the benefits and achievements of good filtration practices, it can foster and encourage similar practices in a larger number of facilities.

Clean Air Award Eligibility: Any facility or company that has demonstrated a concerted effort to provide a clean indoor environment by using proper air filtration products is eligible to be nominated.

A nomination application must be submitted prior to August 1st of each year. The application may be accompanied by information and documentation that explains the efforts at the facility. Key categories which will be considered in determining the recipient of the NAFA Clean Air Award will include sustainability, economic benefits and innovation. The Award recipient will be announced at the NAFA Annual Convention.

Clean Air Award Renewal Certification Eligibility: A facility must have earned the Clean Air Award in the past in order to be eligible for the Clean Air Award Renewal Certificate.


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